What Does the Cold Air Intake System Do?

July 22, 2019

We are attracted to power. We find it beautiful. This is why we create powerful machinery. One such machine where we love to add more power is the humble car. In our pursuit of power, we have made innovation after innovation and found all sorts of ways to add more power to our cars. This has been even more prevalent in the aftermarket parts sector. It is unbelievable the number of innovations that have happened just to add more power. 

There are systems like exhaust systems, bolt-ons like superchargers and turbos. These are all pretty expensive ways to add some oomph into your car. Installing them also is a pain often times taking several days or weeks even. One of the simplest solutions and an ingenious innovation in the sector was the cold air intake system. These air intake systems are relatively inexpensive than the other options. 

You can get one of these with just a few hundred dollars. Installing the air intake system is pretty easy as well which could not be said about the other mods. While this mod won’t add a ton of power to your engine, it will help with the output. Think about it in this way, you have a cold and your nose is running and you go running. How well do you think you can run with only breathing through your nose? Not very well right? Your car normally is like that with a factory air intake. 

Now, the cold air intake for your car is the medicine that clears the cold and lets your car breathe. So you can imagine the output your engine will provide. So the way this works is that the air intake system takes in colder air. Colder air means denser air which means a better supply of oxygen. 

This additional supply of oxygen goes into the combustion chamber and more power is generated. The cold air intake system basically moves the air filter outside of the engine compartment to ensure a supply of cooler air. You can usually find these near the fender or the upper wheel. These are where a constant supply of cooler air can be found and almost no hot air is present. 

Additionally, this system uses large intake tubes with very fewer bends to allow better airflow. Because of this, the box surrounding the filter can be removed. All these things cause uninterrupted airflow. This results in better fuel efficiency for your car. So there you go, this is what a cold air intake system does. If you want to make a power upgrade without investing too heavily then trust me this is your best option. 

Search for cold air intakes in online shops. Do your research, you will see that there are plenty of these auto parts in the aftermarket system. Check your options read through materials and see which one fits your needs. And then start with the upgrade. You will thank me later for this.

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