Watch for These Tell Take Signs That Your Control Arm with Ball Joint Is Failing

Control arm with ball joint helps the wheels maintain their movement. It may get out of order and fail. But how to figure it out? Following are some signs which show bad control arm.

1. Steering Wheel Vibration

This is the first and the most obvious sign of a bad control arm. Experts believe when the drivers feel the steering wheel has some sort of vibration, it is due to the failing control arm. They should inspect it and bring the car to the mechanic. In case of damage, the control arm will have to be replaced.

2. Clunking Noises

According to many people, clunking noise is another symptom of a failing or bad control arm. When the ball joint or bushings become loose, this leads to a strange noise when you drive the vehicle. The noise can get louder if the problem is serious and as the components wear. It will be safe to get it repaired or replace the control arm.

3. Steering Wandering 

Steering wandering refers to the uncontrolled movement of the steering to the left or right when you are driving the car. This is also an indicator which shows the control arm in the car has failed and should be replaced. It usually happens when the bushing or the ball joint are worn to a great extent. However, this issue can also be fixed without replacing the control arm. 

4. Uncomfortable During Driving 

Here comes another indicator which appears when the control arm of the car has failed. Experts believe the drivers will feel less comfortable during travel. The level of comfort decreases and they feel it is getting harder for them to manage the vehicle and control it. In such cases, the control arm should be inspected and replaced if possible. 

5. Uneven Tire Wear

It is the most obvious sign to tell you that the control arm has failed. As the control arm is responsible for movement and balance of the wheels, uneven wear of tires show the wheels are not aligned. It happens when the control arm has some issues. So you should get this issue repaired or fixed.

6. Bad Brake Performance 

A number of car drivers have also linked the bad brake system or the failure of the brake system with the control arm. They opine that if the braking system has got worse and the performance is poor, you should pay attention to the control arm as it will have some possible issues. 

7. Wheel Movement 

If you have a perfect control arm with ball joint, the wheels are aligned and the movement is balanced. If you feel the wheel movement is unusual, you should think about the control arm. This may have some issues which lead to the wheel movement problems. So replacing the control arm will be a better option.


There are a number of signs which show when the control arm has failed and should be replaced. The top signs include steering vibration, wheel movement, clunking noise, steering wandering and the others.


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