Useful Accessories for The Construction Worker Trucks

October 25, 2020

You like to use your truck to transport things from one place to another. And we’re here to transform that one into something more than merely a grocery getter. The whole thing you require to add as versatility as protection with style and performance is right here.

We have covered it from headache racks to truck bed toolboxes and even leather car floor mats. Plus, tips and tricks for installation and uncensored product feedback from drivers who rely on their truck to arrive at every workplace.

And, we’re not leaving there. So, this list is here to improve your knowledge of the best contractors and building accessories like all-weather car floor mats:

Tonneau Cover Lights

Even though the tonneau cover has closed absolutely, feel your way around the truck bed. On AA batteries, these easy Peel-and Stick Leadlight strips work.

You do have to turn them on with a small turn, so they will immediately shut off after five minutes. The manufacturer recommends one strip under each bed rail.

GPS Speedometer & Trip Mileage Gauge

Motor-based speedometers, that is, if you can see and read them at all, can be unreliable enough to risk a ticket. This GPS-based heads-up display attaches a 4-1/2-inch widescreen and big high-visibility numbers to your dash, enabling you to keep your eyes on the lane.

If desired, it can be recalibrated and has several additional useful characteristics:

  • Records mileage and trip time
  • Keep data of billing and reimbursement
  • Alerts for over-speed

Backup Camera (Wireless)

Some days, in-dash backup screens are pretty standard, but you can install a portable backup camera that displays through your phone or tablet if your old truck isn’t fitted with one.

Several versions are available: the one seen here uses rechargeable batteries and directly installs your rear license plate frame. You would need to download accompanying software, but it is simple and easy to update the water-resistant unit.

Air Purifier

You’re about to require to provide a customer a ride in the truck from time to time. A smaller evergreen air freshener may be hanging from your rear-view mirror. The challenge of masking the scent of college, your puppy, and the sandwich you had for lunch isn’t up to that.

But happily, here’s a high-tech evacuation accessory. The ionic air purifier seen here blends in and plugs into a lighter port in a cup holder. It functions the same way as a home ionic purifier, sending negative ion ions into the air, purifying it.

It also has two ports for USB charging. Would you like to read about ionic air purifiers? This collection of tips will assist you in finding the best air purifier for you.

Trailer Hitch (Triple-Ball)

This accessory for a truck may not be high-tech, but it is incredibly smart. This one is adjustable and contains a ball for all three standard sizes (1-7/8 inch, 2 inches, and 2-5/16 inch) instead of having a selection of hitches with standard ball sizes in your cab.

The hitch fits into a receiver of 2 inches and has weight scores in proportion to the ball’s height.

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