Car Parts: How to Buy Genuine Parts for Your Car

October 25, 2020

These days, car ownership is getting increase exceptionally more than in the last few years. So, the market has flourished with better growth.

Several segments, such as SUVs, sedans, etc. are witness new opponents’ appearances. And buyers have really spoilt for selection. That’s why, rather than auto parts outlets, people search for their car parts at aftermarket stores or online.

So, if you one of them who look for buying spare car part independently, here we’re with some tips. If you go through these tips, you’ll be able to find a genuine part for your car.

Confirm What You Want

Primarily, you need to verify what parts you need and in what quantity. For this, you have to be clear enough that you don’t end up buying a part. Thus, you don’t need or losing out on a part that you do need.

If you remove your car’s AC condenser, check what other supporting components (such as tubing, hoses, etc.). They’re necessary to install the condenser and then order all the components accordingly. Writing down the list of parts you need is always useful.


Always correctly do the groundwork. If you have finalized what parts you need, start investigating these parts. And see whether replacements are possible or not from other reputable brands. Also, look at the price gap, if online shopping is cheaper than offline, etc.

To see if they have what you want you can also talk to the designated service station or local spare parts dealers. Compare the costs of numerous brands to make sure that the part is adequately compatible with your vehicle.

OEM Parts Numbers

Having a list of OEM parts numbers is still sensible. By calling the designated service station, you will find the part number for every spare part. Some suppliers also have catalogs of their spare parts, where it is easy to find part numbers on any spare part.

You can also search on the web where you only have to enter the make, version, and year of your car, and you get a full list of all authentic repair parts and components that are compatible with your car.

Shortlist Parts

Several websites also offer the chance to see alternate spare parts from other brands of the same kind. If you are shopping for your car’s brake pads, you should look at your car’s deals from various reputable brands, such as Bosch, Brembo, etc.

You can also match their rates this way and purchase the one that fits your requirements.

Check Options of Payment & Shipping

If the right aftermarket auto body parts have attached to the cart, always verify what payment methods are approved and select the type you feel more secure. You get a good picture of the shipping costs (if any) and arrival schedule on sites.

This way, to get the parts installed without any trouble, you can prepare better and set up an appointment with your mechanic.

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