8 Cool Things for Your Apartment

June 15, 2019

1. Toilet Paper Plus Magazine Holder

So are you one of those people who get bored sitting on the commode seat for hours? And what do you do to kill that boredom? YouTubing or Facebooking on your iPhone? Or read magazines? Cause who gets time the whole day to go through those magazines and isn’t toilet the best place to get fashion or any other inspirations? In this case you should consider investing in a cool Toilet paper plus magazine holder so that you don’t regret if you have forgotten to carry a magazine due to an emergency run!

2. Straighter Holster

Do you love straightening your hair and damaging them with that 250 degrees of heat? And do you give your hair this amazing and glossy touch at your pedestal sink? So how about investing in a straighter holster to avoid burning your fingers.

3. Sofa Arm Wrap

Have you ever encounter incidents where you were sipping your coffee or tea while watching the news headlines in the morning and accidentally spilled it on the sofa arm? So to avoid any such situation consider investing in a sofa arm wrap so that you have a solid surface to keep your cups or any eatables. After all you don’t want to burn yourself or wet yourself right?

4. Magnetic Stickers

Trust me they look amazing and super cute in your toilet specially. Like you can stick your everyday tools on these stickers, maybe an eyebrow plucker or a pair of scissor or your husband’s razor? To ensure they stay in arm’s reach.

5. Shower Curtain with Pockets

Don’t you think the rim around the bath tub is too little space to keep your shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toner, scrub, and body mist? So how about getting this creative shower curtain with pockets? Which mean cleaner rim area too!

6. Sliding Pantry

Do you yearn huge pantries like me? They are my favorite! If yes, then maybe you enjoy a cheaper and smaller version by getting made a slide out pantry in that 6 inches’ space between your fridge and kitchen door.  Trust me it looks very creative opening that sliding pantry that people can’t even see if closed.

7. Air Purifying Plants

They are a worthy investment!  Like they are totally magical in the sense that they reduce anxiety plus blood pressure and even stress, they are also known for calming. Like wow! I think half of my life’s problems will be solved with this.

8. Wi-Fi Enabled Coffee Maker

Hate waiting until your coffee brews? High five! I hate it too but obviously we all have to compromise to get the love of our life or let’s say addiction. Get a Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker for your apartment and start the brewing process, adjust timers, and set up reminders all via an app using the Wi-Fi. So why not look a little cool and invite your friends over for a cup of coffee and showoff your new investment?

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