Tips to Improve Your PACS Solutions in A Hospital


Most probably you work with a PACS solution if you’re a physician in a hospital. But, you may be not sure whether you’re getting the most out of PACS solution in your hospital. Imagine what you’ll do when your patient will visit a satellite location.

Also, you have to think if it’s easy to work together with your coworkers when you find some hard cases. Moreover, your PACS also should enable you tracking them down that both of you’re in the same place at an identical time.

If you find you out any of these features in your PACS then continue reading the entire content. And you’ll find the solution to your issues in a simple way.

The Cloud

As an imaging professional or physician, you might be using the Cloud through your smartphone. This is the way how the maximum number of apps works. Essentially, they all will not be Apple products; they allow you to enjoy your music, email, documents, and many more things. Due to the interaction of Cloud, you’re able to access all of these things from anywhere and at any time.

This is a thing that has been powered by Cloud PACS in the same way how you use your smart devices to use your apps or other services. In fact, you’ll get the power with this solution that will enable you to access, share, and mobile usability of your medical images with DICOM viewer Linux or in other platforms.

Sharing, Access & Mobility (SAM)


As the above terms suggest, you should enterprise your Cloud with SAM for medical images. This is the ultimate outcome of using the solution of a Cloud-based PACS. Probably, you’re using an onsite PACS for your hospital use right this time. But, your patients may need you from a satellite area or you may need to practice your medical images outside of the network of the hospital.

So, it’ll be a burdensome task to gain access to your medical images and get them in an organized way. Also, you may have patients with multiple IDs, but they’ll not get their records that essential for them. Also, your in-house staff will feel uncomfortable if patients are outside of the hospital wall. 

Get Rid of Multiple IDs Issue

If you’re using cloud-based hospital PACS, there will be no multiple IDs for your patient in this system. So, as per your needs, ask your service provider or vendor to set your issue up by their solution.

It’ll make you able to organize your patients’ records automatic and instantly whenever they upload their images in the system. Regardless in or out of network, their records will stay in a location under one ID.


Get The Next Options in Seconds

If you need to work together with your colleagues, you don’t need to get them in your room. It’s because you’re using the Cloud and it enables you sharing your patients’ records with anybody within seconds using DICOM viewer HTML5. That’s just a matter of single tap or click to make them able to use your PACS.

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