How to Keep the House Cool Naturally in Summers?

May 31, 2019

1. Keep Your Blinds Closed

As simple as it may seem, it can truly make all the difference. By utilizing our blinds, curtains and shades, you can easily reduce the amount of heat that enters in yours to up to 7%. By closing the blinds, you can essentially stop the heat from accumulating in your house and reduce the overall need for artificial cooling mechanisms.

2. Open Your Doors

During the summer months, it can get very hot but you can still find natural breezes and winds especially if you live by the sea. Another way to naturally cool down your house is by opening the doors to let the cool winds enter your abode.

3. Hack the Fan Instead of Using Your Air Conditioner

This is a really cool DIY that can suddenly cool down the temperatures in your house and give the impression of false cool breezes. What you need to do is fill a large bowl full of ice or an ice pack and position it strategically across your fan so that the wind whips off the ice. This hack turns your regular fan into a cooler which is still used across the Subcontinent in the warmer months.

4. Cool Yourself Within

The most important thing you can do is to focus on lowering your body temperature instead of your surroundings.  This includes staying well hydrated and consuming chilled drinks and foodstuff throughout the day. You can also apply to ice cold water to the strong pulsed areas of your body like your neck and wrist. Be mindful of your clothing choices, and invest in 100% cotton and breezy fabrics to keep you light and airy throughout the day.

5. Stuff Your Sheets in the Freezer

If all else fails, place your fresh sheets in the freezer before laying them on your bed. Not only will it instantly cool you down, but the wind from your fan will temperatures down for quite a long time.

6. Go Old School

The concept behind this is that appliances and gadgets even if they aren’t in use, do give off heat. The trick here is to unplug all the gadgets and plugs from the sockets, turn off your T.V and laptops and any other unnecessary appliances. This will naturally reduce the buildup of heat in your living space.

7. Grill Instead of Using the Stove

Now we all know that using the kitchen and stove during the day will increase the overall heat production from your house making the temperatures rise. Instead of using your kitchen, take cooking outside the home, get your griller out and start cooking outside to release the heat in the environment.

8. Think Long-Term

If you are adamant about not using the air con in your house, then consider a few long term investments like insulating the window films and planting trees and vines across well lighted areas to reduce the amount of heat your house traps.

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