Why You Should Switch to LED Tail Lights

June 26, 2019

Tail lights are really important for the car. These prevent you from getting into fatal collisions when visibility on the road is bad. The car following you will follow the tail lights to know about your position and drive according to your speed. Nowadays, cars come with tail lights and braking lights in the same housing. Braking lights arguably are even more important than the tail lights. 

These lights indicate that you are braking and signals the cars behind to slow down. So making sure that these lights are of the best quality is imperative. When thinking about quality LED lights always comes into the discussion. 

LED technology has progressed a lot and now because of this the single housing unit for braking and tail lights are possible. The LED revolution in the auto lighting industry has set new precedence on the standards. So why should you switch to LED tail lights instead of the regular ones? Well, the reasons are in the following.

When someone is considering to switch to something obviously there needs to be a good reason. Without proper reasoning switching to something else makes little to no sense. So why LED? Well, before answering this question let’s discuss what your current lighting unit does. 

So the first thing you need to find out about the lights is how much energy does it consume. Then see the cost of the bulb followed by its lifespan. Check the warranty offered and also the power output. When you will know this, then it will help you make an informed decision. Visibility and ease of installation should also play a part in the decision making process. 

Now let’s dive into why switch your tail lights to LED bulbs. Well, first of all, these lights emit unidirectional single source light in the forward direction. So they don’t need any help from reflectors. What this does is this trims down the material and it has allowed tail lights and car rear-ends in general. Not only has it made it more economical but also added a slicker style for cars. 

The latest development in LED technology uses white diffuse reflector materials in indirect lighting configurations. So, the design of the light internally is made so that the light faces away from the aperture of the tail light. This simple tweak means that the path of the light is greater resulting in a more concise beam of light. 

Like microcontrollers LEDs now are transferring into integrated circuits of the solid-state lighting. This means that LED lights have limitless options and usability. These lights are faster, easier and cost less to manufacture. On top of that, it provides better lighting. This is why the automotive industry has taken the LED bulbs as their new standard for lighting situation in tail lights for cars.

These bulbs don’t use filaments for lighting like incandescent bulbs. This means that the chances of burn out are fairly low. LEDs are eco-friendly and last longer than any other type of bulbs. These bulbs also emit less heat while being brighter which makes it perfectly suitable for use in cars.

See these reasons are why you should shift to LEDs. If you look closely enough you will see that there is already a shift in paradigm. The shift towards LEDs is both prevalent in the OE market and the Aftermarket sector. But don’t just believe me. Do your research and find why LEDs are the best?

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