Types of Sofa Cushion and When to Replace Them

October 4, 2018
foam cushion replacement

Everyone loves cushions. They give a very homey feel to any furniture they are placed on- whether it is chairs, beds sofas. Cushions are a great way to make the ordinary look extraordinary and they tie the whole look together.

One of the most important places where cushions are used are the sofas. Sofa cushions are essential of any household and are a vital part of making a sofa look complete. Not only this, but they are also super comfortable and make for the perfect pillow replacement, huggable item when watching a scary movie or backrest when watching tv or lazing around in the living room.

Cushions are the most commonly used item in the living room and are therefore subject to more wear and tear than the actual sofa. People sit on the sofa cushion, they sleep on it, they spill drinks on it etc. However, most people don’t know when it’s time to replace the cushions and put it off until their visit to an upholstery repair shop for replacing the actual sofa.

Before we dive into when to replace a sofa cushion, we need to understand the type of cushion you want to replace. There are different types of foam cushion replacements that you can do:

  1. If you want foam cushion replacement for a hard sofa with firm seats, you probably want to go for a soft foam cushion. The firmness of the sofa will complement the softness of the cushion and make a great fit. However, if you’re looking for a replacement for a more casual and comfier couch, it’s best to get a thicker filling so the cushions provide a firm surface when laying back on the couch.
  2. A sofa cushion that is used mostly as a backrest will need to be replaced more frequently than a foam cushion replacement for throw pillows.
  3. Where you’re going to place the sofa cushions also comes into consideration. A sofa cushion for your living room could use a cheaper foam replacement than a sofa cushion needed for your drawing room.
  4. The size and cut of the sofa cushions also need to be kept into account when looking for a replacement. Some cushions require a rectangular filling, some require square filling etc.
  5. Another important thing to keep in mind is the type of filling required for your sofa cushion. You can choose from a wide variety such as foam fillings, polyester filling, bean fillings etc.

When to Replace Them?

The wear and tear of a sofa cushion obviously depend on the way it is used and varies from household to household. Households with children need to replace their sofa cushions more often than households with only adults, cheap polyester fillings tend to degrade quickly over time as compared to foam cushion replacements by the auto upholstery Virginia etc. Ultimately, your choice of sofa cushion and replacement completely depends on your taste and sense of style, but this article is a good guide to get you started and help you in deciding what kind of options you have.

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