Why Are ABS Speed Sensors Important?

The added complexity of the traffic system on our roads has led to placing a high demand on the drivers. This is being encountered by driver assistance systems employed by the car manufacturers. These systems are installed to ensure and optimize road safety by relieving some of the stress from the drivers.

This has been employed at all the new models being manufactured and has been running for some time now. With new technology sometimes the industry takes time to catch up. The owner of the cars and mechanics even faced hardships when getting these sensors fixed. Mainly ABS Sensors.

Electronics has been a major part of car development. Now with the technological advancement vehicle electronics provide and assure you of the Maximum comfort and safety. The interaction between electronics of the car and the engine and other parts helps your car determine the best and safe way for you to travel.

The information is collected by sensors within the car. The sensors are used by a multitude of systems like ABS, TCS, ESP, or ACC to detect wheel speed. The information from the wheel is collected by the control module of the ABS speed sensor and distributed to other places. The vehicle speed sensor data is transmitted to the engine, transmission, navigation, and chassis control systems for a better driving experience.

All the requirement of the modern car like driving dynamics, driving safety, driving comfort, lower fuel consumption, and lower emissions are based on the speed sensors’ data. The Speed sensors are also known as ABS Speed Sensors. This is because the first use of the sensors was in tandem with the ABS control module.

As you can see the ABS wheel speed sensor is a vital part of your car. You need to make sure that you pay proper attention to its readings and warnings. The systems and control modules control and regulate almost all aspects of your car. With so much responsibility on that part, you have to make sure it functions properly. Otherwise, it can turn deadly.

Although the industry has no clear guidelines on distinguishing but it is safe to say that there are two types of ABS speed sensors. The types are listed as active ABS speed sensors and Passive ABS speed sensors.

As I said there is no clear guideline with which you can distinguish between the two. Repair shops and mechanics however in their shops classify them in a different way. If your car’s sensor turns on or reads data only after it has a steady supply of voltage, then it is a passive sensor. The output from the sensor only comes after the supply of the voltage. Vice-versa, if the sensors can operate without an additional supply of voltage then it’s a passive ABS speed sensor.

So there you go, here is my explanation of the importance of ABS speed sensor and its importance. With the vehicle speed sensors being responsible for so many things it’s no wonder everyone says its an important part. So make sure you take proper care of the system and maintain regular check-ups for the best performances.


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