5 Web Design Facts All Business Owners Should Know

June 9, 2018
Website Design Facts - Pinnacle Weekly

This is the era of startups. The regular 9 – 5 job culture is shifting away and to make ends meet, you need to invest in businesses.

The following blog is dedicated to business owners, who should know the tips when creating their business website. For more information, visiting a website development company is a good option

1. Social Media Linking

Your website should be linked with your social media profile. Not only this will make it authentic, you will gain some new fans. If your marketing content is nice, they may even recommend the page to their friends as well.

From the eyes of an average web surfer, if he sees your website and spots the icons of your social media profiles, he would naturally want to check them out (secretly measuring your caliber through your posts/reviews and fans)

2. Contact Details

Sometimes, the website has everything one can wish for… Great layout – splendid color chemistry – engaging content, but there is one thing missing.

There is no mentioning of contact details on the website

Where is your office? What is your phone number? How can anyone reach you?

When designing your website, be sure to add a section of contact details in an unsophisticated type of manner, so that anyone accessing your website will have no trouble finding your business venture.

3. Using Bots to Help You

Whenever a person comes to a new website, he gets baffled. It takes him some time to get used to your layout (That time is the minute margin, which may make him interested in your product).

How about you take the help from bots to speed up the process? Feed some ‘frequently asked questions’ (FAQs) to your bot and give it the option to connect a customer with a real representative of your company. Fast response always makes you win the heart of your customers. And tell you what… top website development company love it, and for the right reasons.

4. Option of Feedback

You just designed a website. But does it feel good, only to your eyes or to other people’s eyes as well? For that reason, you can opt for the option of a feedback.

With a feedback option, a person can rate your website and your product. Not only, you will have feedback to improve your website but also, when other people visit your website and see some genuinely written reviews, they will feel that customers have been satisfied and people regularly visit your website.

TIP: Don’t go for spam posting software which post lots of spam comments in no time. This is a bad SEO practice and your website may suffer from low rankings.

5. Discounts

People love it when they receive something they haven’t been expecting – to make people visit your website often, give discounts or make them participate in giveaway competitions. Don’t ruin their feelings by making them participate in a scam though – you can land in serious consequences.

Just give a little, even if you don’t feel doing it. People will recognize your noble gestures and invest more time on your website.

For more giving back strategies, you should visit a web development agency website and get things done professionally.

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