Cool Things to Make Out of Junk – Part 1

July 27, 2018
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Before asking the cost of junk removal service, know that you can transform your trash into something beautiful. All you need is creativity and willpower.

Take a look at following ideas:

  1. Parking Shade

There are a lot of places which are car parking space, but they don’t protect the vehicle from weather extremities.

You need loads of used bottles. Either get glass bottles or plastic ones, it doesn’t matter. With the help of hard glue, stick them in groups and lay them in the form of cloud formation. The design will cover a lot of parking space.

Note: Fewer bottles will be used if you lay them on solid stands, which are fixed firmly on the ground.

  1. Gym Cycle

Most people dream of getting an exercise bicycle but like treadmills, they are expensive. If you have an old bicycle, remove its stand and make it fix on a corner.

To make it more comfortable, you can even take out the chain, wheel and get a low top chair. With the help of wires and nails, make it static at a position and your gym cycle is ready.

  1. Glass Lamps

If you have glass bottles, you can make glass lamps. Simple cut them from a lower base and insert an electric bulb with connections, from the cap side.

Hang them on the ceiling with opened lid at the bottom while they are held from the cap side. The bottom lid can also be closed. Up to you!

  1. Bagel Holder CD Case

If you have an empty bagel holder, you can use it to store your CDs. By bagel holder, we mean a round container, having a rod in the center which can store center hollow disks.

Wooden fence and small round objects:

Over time, wooden fence starts getting holes of small sizes. If you have colorful beads, pearls, and marbles, you can use them to cover the fence.

  1. Wax Holding Candles

You can make wax holding candles from used bottle caps. Join them in the form of clusters and drop some wax.

Now pass a thread from the perforated caps and surround it with wax. Congratulations! Small tea lights have been made.

Cost of junk removal service varies from a place – place but good junk removal companies instruct people to make useful crafts from junk.

  1. Wrench Holders

Not everything is meant to be thrown away. If you have some old wrenches, you can use them as holders. With the help of hammer and nails, fix them at a place and twist, one of their open ends.

Now wrench will act like a hook.

  1. Making Guitar Picks

Guitar picks are made of a hard material. If you have old credit cards, you can cut them to make guitar picks.

  1. Arranging Cords

Empty toilet paper wrap tubes can hold your cords. Get a large box or a container and have several toilet paper wrap tubes to contain individual cords.

  1. Tennis Racket Mirrors

Old tennis rackets can be used as mirrors. The net part can be removed and replaced with a mirror, perfect for your bathrooms.

There is a lot that you can do with junk. That’s why there is the second part of this article. Do read it!

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