How To Find Good Cheap Bikes

buy cheap bikes

In order to buy cheap bikes, which are in good condition, you have to ‘work smart’.

We have compiled some ways through which you can get your preferred bike. Have a read!

  1. Realization

You have to realize certain things when it comes to buying cheap bikes.

Ask yourself:

  • Which is the right bike for me?
  • Should I get a firsthand or a secondhand bike?
  • Which components should my bike have?
  • How much should I pay for my bike?
  1. Friends and Families

One of the most underrated communities in today’s world – why look any place else if you can find your dream thing from your own network?

If you are a student who goes to university, there are probably many students who come on bicycles. Ask them! Spread the word. Ask your friends and family members to help you out.

  1. Social Media

The good thing about social media websites is that people of all ages and places are connected. On social media, try to find people and businesses who sell good bikes on affordable rates.

Who knows – you may find someone who is looking for a buyer of his/her bicycle.

NOTE: When dealing with strangers over social media, try to make a deal in a crowded safe place. Test the product and then make the deal.

  1. Buying and Selling Websites

There are websites like letgo, swapmeet, and tradingpost where you post your queries both, as a buyer and as a seller.

In your case, try searching the massive databases of online websites with queries like ‘buy cheap bikes’. You are bound to generate favorable results which will be closer to your location, as well as price appealing.

  1. Google Maps

You might be surprised but Google Maps can link you with physical bike selling stores. Considering they have newer models as well as secondhand bikes in good conditions, why not scout them?

Go to google and write bike store + your city name. You will find many listings on Google Map which will provide you with a contact number, physical address, and websites.

  1. Online Stores

Try searching for online stores. There are two types of online stores.

  • General online stores which sell different items. You type bikes, specialized mountain bike on the search list and you can view different product listings.
  • Specialized online stores which solely deal in bikes, motorbikes, and bicycles.

To buy cheap bikes, it is recommended to web surf both of them. Also, tally the prices of the internet and scout multiple similar websites before finalizing the deal.

  1. Bargaining and Discount

A lot of people do not bargain and they lose discounts, which the buyer was indirectly offering in the first place. When dealing with strangers, ask for a discount and don’t just settle on the price which the buyer gave.

The most efficient move you can make is to tell the other party that there are similar products in this range so if you don’t reduce prices, you are going to walk away from the deal.

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