Cool Things to Make Out of Junk – Part 2

July 27, 2018
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The list is getting more and more interesting. The best junk removal service is to take your trash and transform into something productive.

Junk removal services highly encourage people to be creative with their trash. Check out our junk removal ideas to give a new touch to your house.

  1. Tire Stools

If you have old tires, you can make tire stools. Remove the alloy rim from middle and make it hollow. Next, install a sturdy net so that you can make a firm seating position.

From getting to know the cost of local junk removal service, you actually took care of your trash to make something productive. Bravo!

  1. Bicycle Table

An elegant design inside the living room which can greatly impress your guests. If you have an old bicycle, you can make it immovable by fixing it, at a place and having a large table to over the seat.

You can use ground nails to make the wheels static. Similar to design, these type of bicycle decorations can also be used to make a bicycle sink.

  1. Tire Pots

A tire is a round base. They can function as a pot if you grow plants in them. To make them look appealing, make them of different colors.

  1. Old Jeans Pockets

Jeans pockets are very sturdy. If you are looking to throw away your jeans, don’t throw it away as it is. Instead, cut the pocket sides and paste it on your back of your door.

They can be used to hold currency, notes and even tools.

  1. Large Water Bottles

We are talking about 5 – 10 liters of plastic water bottles. They can be cut from the top, making a holding jar. You can place plants and hold goods inside.

A better approach is to make small holes across the boundary and place a nylon wire. Congratulations! You made yourself a basket.

  1. Bird Feeders

Old tin cans make great bird feeders. Simply, hang them high and cover them with a material so that they don’t get too hot in the sun.

Put bird food inside the opened can. The final opened can should be in a semi-circle position so that birds can feed off a base.

  1. Jewelry Hanging Grate

An old grate can be used to hang your jewelry. Rings, tops, necklaces, even keychains – You can fix it on a door, wall and even hang it next to your bed.

  1. Old CPU Case Mailbox

Talking with respect to desktop computers, if you have an old CPU case, you can use it as a mailbox. You can remove the machinery (motherboard) and put either horizontally or vertically over your mailbox. Just label it so that your postman does not get confused.

  1. TV Aquarium

A TV is a closed box, which can be used as an aquarium. Remove the internal spiky machinery from your old TV and fill it with water and fish.

Be sure to replace the water regularly.

  1. Books as Shelves

Old books can be used as shelves. Fix them over a wall and place stuff over them. You can also bind them or cover them with a fixed cloth so that they don’t damage over time.

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