5 Useful Tips On Flying With Electric Wheelchair

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Travelling with wheelchair user comes with its many obstacles. People who need a wheelchair to go about their everyday life, usually deal with the risks of loss or damage associated to air travel. We get worried about our luggage getting lost after a long flight… also, we have to be somewhat cautious with our wheelchairs. This doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun during the flight; we just have to get a bit creative with how we do things at times. Lightweight folding wheelchair will be helpful for you if have a wheelchair user with you.

Some Advice To Make Air Travel With Power Chairs Go As Smoothly As Possible

Being restricted to a power wheelchair doesn’t equal to restrictions in lifestyle airline travel is one of many activities that with a little preparation, can be accomplished is spite of a mobility aid.

If you are an electric wheelchair user and new to travelling, here are some travel tips for wheelchair user that will hopefully helpful for you in the future.

1. Planning and Preparation

Before deciding on an airline to fly with, shop around for the best ticket price, which should have the most accommodating policies for travelers in power chair. Each airline should be able to tell the customers whether the weight of a particular model of electric wheelchair falls under the limit. You should also ask for lightweight folding wheelchair, if needed.

2. Reservation of Tickets

When you are reserving air tickets and you have a wheelchair user with you, you should tell them that the user will be using a power wheelchair so that they can assist you in a better way. If one arrives for a flight without having arranged for an electric power wheelchair to be transported as well, flight attendants may be forced to refuse the power wheelchair on the ground.

3. How To Prevent Damages?

To prevent damages when flying, attach disassemble instructions to the power wheelchair as certain pieces may need to be taken apart for easier transportation. You can also take a picture of this instruction note as a proof before the flight.

4. Arrange Transportation at The Destination

If you want to reduce stress as much as possible after arrival at the destination, arrange transportation ahead of time, especially when you have a power wheelchair user along with you.

5. Power Button of Electric Wheelchair

If you are travelling with a power wheelchair, shift the transmission to neutral so that it can be easily pushed. Disconnect the battery connection between your chair and battery. Better yet, if the power cord is removed easily carry with you in your hand luggage.

The Bottom Line

If you are a power wheelchair user or you have any handicapped person with you, don’t panic at all. By taking these steps to prepare a tip beforehand, any flight is sure to go smoothly from start to end. Try using lightweight folding wheelchair to avoid more stress and panic.

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