How to Choose the Best Down Jacket?

August 12, 2018
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Down jackets are your one of the best defenses against cold weather. They are the best insulators. They provide warmth in a bone-chilling temperature and are very lightweight. That is why it is very easy to take them anywhere you go. But there is a lot to be considered when choosing the best down jacket. For your own ease, check out the Patagonia Primo jacket sale. You can choose the best jacket from there.

You should consider these things before buying the best down jacket:

  1. The Quality

The very first thing that you should look for in a down jacket is its quality. Quality matters a lot. Quality is measured in its fill power. Fill power is basically the measurement of the fluffiness of the jacket. The higher rating of fill power means that the jacket will be lighter. That is why you have to look for a down jacket with an 800-fill power. But today there are higher ratings of jackets available in the market.

  1. Down Insulation or Synthetic Insulation

You have to choose between a synthetic insulation or a down insulation. Down is warmer and lighter than synthetic insulation, but the problem is that it can lose its loft when it gets wet. Synthetic insulation is a bit heavy. It is not easy to carry as compared to down insulation. But it maintains its loft on getting wet. There are many pros and cons of both types of insulation. Down is a little expensive than synthetic insulation, but it has a longer lifespan and durability. You have to consider all these things in mind before making your decision. After all, it depends upon your budget. But first, try out the Patagonia Primo jacket sale if you want down jackets.

  1. Hydrophobic Down or Regular Down

Hydrophobic down has a special coating which makes it water resistant. It is not clear how long the coating will last. This technology is not used by all down manufacturers. That is why it is difficult to tell which one is better. The manufacturers who produce hydrophobic down do not tell the exact lifespan of it.

  1. Down Fill Power

Fill power is the measurement of the quality of down. Most people go wrong with the rating of fill power. They believe that the lower rating is better, but it is not. Higher ratings mean that the down jacket has a better quality. It means that the jacket will have similar warmth but it will be lighter and easily compressible. It is not the measurement of the warmth of the jacket. It basically tells you how easy it would be to wear the jacket and compressed it to fit in the bag

  1. Weight

You have to consider the weight of the down jacket. Do not purchase the one which is heavier. Always go for the lighter ones. It is because their weight has nothing to do with their ability to provide warmth.

  1. Fabric

It is a critical factor in every down product. The fabric in the one which holds everything together. That is why you have to carefully examine the fabric used in the down jacket before you buy it.

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