Telstra transfer number to new sim

Switching Telecom Service Provider

In Australia, there are a lot of mobile carrier telecommunication companies and to transfer Telstra or any other number to a new sim, you have to play smart.

Be sure to know about the following things:

  1. Switching Telecom Service Provider Is Different Than Switching Your Service Provider

Most people tend to confuse between the two. They think that switching your number is the same as switching your service provider.

In the former case, you get to change your number. It can be from your existing network as well as from a new network. You can also invest more money to get a premium number (numbers which have repetitive digits and are easy to remember)

But, switching a telecom service provider means that you want to change existing SIM plan and now deal with a newer telecom company, keeping your old number intact.

  1. Not Shutting Down the Number

Out of ignorance, a lot of people try to shut down their existing number. Don’t – it’s a trap. Instead, call the customer care helpline of your SIM provider and let them do all the magic.

  1. Laws

By the law, your current telecom service provider is obligated to proceed with your request of switching your service provider, so don’t feel shy. Sometimes, your existing company asks reasons of switching. If you are polite and don’t beat around the bush, they may even cancel your switching fee.

If you are looking for Telstra transfer number to new SIM, visit their website or customer care to be served well.

  1. Finding A New Mobile Plan

Okay, so you don’t cancel out your former plan but instead, you reach out towards a new mobile plan of a telecom service provider (for example, Telstra), which you want to annex with your mobile number. Order the SIM card online, through the phone or a buy in the store.

Once you begin the process of ‘sign up’, you will be given two options: Either port the number or transfer the existing number to a new account.

Put the details of your contact number and mention your current telecom service provider.

The good thing is that your old service number will continue the work until the request has taken time to process and then, you will finally be able to enjoy the coverage of your new network.

  1. Time It Takes to Get a New Service Provider

Mostly, this process takes a few hours but, in some cases, the process can take 1-2 business days. It is best to wait for a couple of days and then contact your telecom company’s helpline and get to know about the latest updates on your request.

If you are unsure about how to Telstra transfer number to new sim, relax and call 132200 (Telstra’s helpline service) and tell them that you are interested in switching to a new telecom service provider. For Optus, you need to call 133937 while Vodafone users can call at 0800 and 0808 for any sort of inconvenience.

Note: Remember to ask about all the hidden charges of transfer fees as rates can change in a matter of minutes. To be on the safer side, it is best to know about the total fee for switching your telecom service provider.


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