What You Should Eat On Candida Diet?

What You Should Eat On Candida Diet

Candida has become a very controversial topic in the recent times. We all know that candida is a yeast-like fungus that lives inside the body. However, its abnormal outgrowth can result in serious infection in the body. There are many foods like sugars that facilitate abnormal growth of candida. So you can normally be put on a diet to control candida.

What To Eat On A Candida Diet?

This brings us to the question of the hour – What to eat on a candida diet? There are many suggestions that you will find on the web of what to eat and what to quit eating when on a candida diet. We have the most authentic and promising candida diet plan laid out to help you get rid of the infection sooner than later.

Say No To Carbs And Sugars

If you have the slightest knowledge about candida diet, you would know that sugars and refined carbs are a big no on a candida diet. Therefore, if you are wondering what to eat on a candida diet, the first thing to omit from the diet are refined carbs and sugars. Both of these components are known to promote the growth of the yeast infection inside the body. Hence, this is one thing that you will need to cut down on right away.

  1. Protein

There are many people would tell you to cut down or completely eliminate the consumption of protein from your diet if you are fighting any sort of yeast infection. However, we would never suggest you to do that on a Candida diet. Proteins are the components of the diet where the relief comes from. Therefore, you should always include protein in your diets such as lean cuts of meat, chicken, duck, and eggs. It would be best to leave out stubborn red meat that is hard to digest out of the diet.

  1. Vegetables

Vegetables are good for health and they are a particular blessing if you are battling candida. On a candida diet, you need to make sure that vegetables are part of your diet. The vegetable should be consumed fresh and preferably in raw state – which means most of its nutritional value is alive. Fresh veggies are also low on the starch content. You should make sure to opt for veggies that are low on starch and rich with anti-fungal properties. You can include fresh green leafy vegetable in your diet such as asparagus, broccoli, spinach, garlic, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini and artichokes.

  1. Fruits

We all love fruits and enjoy eating them so much. Sadly, as fruits are jam-packed with natural sugars it is not ideal to consume fruits when on a candida diet. There are some fruits that you should be taking however but those are mostly citrus and acidic fruits. You can include grapefruit, lime, lemons, olives and avocados in your daily diet. Low sugar fruits like berries can also be included.

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