10 Ways On How to Stop Losing Patients


Do you want to increase patient numbers and stop losing them? Read this.

1. Improve Reception Service

Many patients complain about bad reception services of the hospitals and clinics. A single bad experience means the patients will be discouraged. It leads to low client retention rate. This way the doctors start losing patients. Better services mean more patients.

2. Reducing Waiting Times

A lot of patients don’t like to wait for hours. This has been seen at many hospitals. The doctors arrive late and the patients are made to wait for longer time periods. With this, the visitors get tired and they don’t want to meet that doctor anymore.

3. Build Relationship with Patients


Doctors should know how to build relationships with the patients. Every doctor should treat the patients like their valuable asset. Provide the visitors with great care, listen to them carefully, solve their issues, don’t be rude and make sure patients feel better after they meet you.

4. Provide Quality Care

No matter where you go in the world, quality care is what brings you more customers or patients. The doctors should improve their services and care facilities. Patients should feel satisfied. They need to be provided with the best services and true value for their money. For quality care, you can use free online DICOM viewer too for better medical reports.

5. Offer Virtual Services


Virtual health services are growing nowadays. Many patients living in far off areas prefer to get virtual medical services. Doctors should offer such types of care and treatment to the patients. It will help hospitals and private doctors to improve client retention rate.

6. Reduce Treatment Fees/Costs

Fees and treatment costs are a serious issue. Many patients are unable to afford the high fees and medical expenses. Doctors should have a program for the need patients who cannot afford treatment and care. It will be a huge step in the right direction.

7. Find Where You Make Mistakes

Medical practitioners should do analysis of their services, patients and how they are performing. It will help them evaluate where they have been making mistakes. The common mistakes or issues should be resolved to improve services and treatment and care given to the patients.

8. Use Technology


With the use of right technology like EHRs, EMRs, free online DICOM viewers and better medical imaging facilities, quality of treatment will be improved. Doctors should know where they can improve care with the use of technology. Patients will definitely get benefits from DICOM viewer online free because of better and improved medical data imaging.

9. Hire the Best Team Members

Your team plays an important role in helping you gain more customers. If you have bad patient services, rude staff members and not treating new patients with affection- all this will be disastrous. Train your staff or team members and order them to take good care of patients.

10. Be Compassionate and Kind

A doctor should personally be compassionate and kind towards the patients. These traits can make your medical practice quite better. People love to get treatment from the doctors who are kind and listen to the patients with care, solve their issues and not let them feel down at any cost.

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