Must-Know Dos And Don’ts of Hair Extensions

Must-Know Dos And Don’ts Of Hair Extensions


  1. Shampoo

Make sure you keep your extensions soft, shiny and fully nourished. Use the shampoos which contains keratins and gives you a lustrous feel. Or trust me, these hair extensions can dry up and become a perfect nightmare!

-Extensions are sensitive and must be taken care of thoroughly. Take an example of the Russian blonde hair extensions, blonde is super sensitive and using the wrong shampoo on it will destroy it completely. They need a shampoo which can soften them up instead of tangling them further. So consult with your stylist or hairdresser to recommend you a shampoo which will strengthen the extensions rather than damaging them for good.

  1. Conditioner

If you are the type to sometimes skip conditioning because waiting for 5 minutes without warm water is too long, then handling extensions can be a huge deal for you!

Extensions need conditioning as fish needs water. Yes, the conditioning seeps into the hair giving you tangled free and smooth touch. Neglect it and again suffer the extension wrath filled with tears, knots and possibly them becoming loose!

  1. Oil

Oils are basically the pure and natural nourishment sources for hair. Oiling your extensions on weekly basis or after an interval of two days alternatively can make them strong, beautiful and perfect. Moroccan oil is essential for good extension look especially when using the Russian blonde hair extensions.

  1. Quality Extensions

Never settle for extensions from any place. Get them from renowned salons or hair product store. In this case, shop from Noir Beaute Extensions!

  1. Comb

There are special combs available for extensions. So try to buy those instead of using your regular ones. You can tear your extension off in a single tug or ruin it easily. By getting a special comb, your extensions will stay in place and will be easy to comb through!


  1. Bad Extension Day

You have heard of bad hair day but what if I told you there is something much worse? It’s called bad extension day!

This usually happens when you decide to slip with your extensions on. So unless and until you want a head that looks like a worse version of a birds nest, then make sure to take your extensions off no matter how tired or hungover you are!

  1. Clip

Remove the clip before going to bed. It can be extremely uncomfortable to sleep with and the clip can break hence injuring you!

  1. Dye

Avoid dyeing your extensions. Dye your real hair as many times you want with as many colors as you want but dyeing an extension can damage it. The reason is the extension itself is experimented on with a lot of chemicals and adding further chemicals to it can cause it to damage a lot early than expected.

  1. Dull Hair

Your Russian blonde hair extensions can dull up instantly if you use shampoo products which contain sulfates!

Remember when buying a shampoo, make sure it’s not the drying one. Better yet ask the cosmetician or shopkeeper or hairdresser to fill you in on the type of shampoo you need for your hair!

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