Bluetooth speaker Black Friday deals

6 Things To Check When Buying Bluetooth Speaker This Black Friday

Bluetooth speakers are heaven as they allow you to enjoy music anywhere and that too without sacrificing the sound quality. If you’re looking forward to benefiting from the Bluetooth speaker Black Friday deals, you should go through this buying guide.

  1. Usage

The first thing that you should bring into account is the usage. How are you going to use the Bluetooth speaker? The choice of a Bluetooth speaker will depend on your listening habits and whether you’re an active or passive listener. There are floor standing speakers if you’re an active listener and in-wall speakers or bookshelf speakers if you’re a passive one. You can have a soundbar or soundbar with wireless subwoofer combination if you want to improve the sound quality of your TV for movie watching.

  1. Frequency Response

Frequency response tells you the range at which the speaker can produce the sound. The frequency response of a speaker is mentioned on the box and its unit is Hertz (Hz). The frequency response may be 20 to 20,000 Hz or anywhere within this range. The first number indicates the lowest frequency and the second number represents the highest frequency that the speaker can produce. If a speaker is small, the frequency response range will be narrower.

  1. Bluetooth Versions

Bluetooth version is also an important thing to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth v.1 is long gone now but 2.1 is still used. Nowadays there are many speakers available with Bluetooth 4.0 and they have EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) which improves the quality of streaming. The higher the version of the Bluetooth speaker, the better it is. The latest versions of Bluetooth allow higher amounts of data to be sent in a second as compared to the previous versions.

  1. Stereo Sound

Most of the Bluetooth speakers are portable and thus they are equipped with a single driver. However, to accomplish the best music and surround sound, a speaker needs more than one driver. So, if you want a good stereo sound you should consider such speakers that are less portable and are decently apart too. Compromising on portability is important because if there are small speakers it won’t be able to produce a good stereo sound. So, if you see a large Bluetooth speaker, you must know that it has a good stereo sound. Whereas, if you see a small Bluetooth speaker claiming that it has a true stereo sound you must know that something’s fishy.

  1. Battery Life

There is no point of having all the features if the battery of your Bluetooth speaker dies immediately after some hours of use. A battery life of 40 hours is considered good enough and USB charging is also a plus point. One point to be noted is that the battery drains quickly on high volume as compared to the medium volume.

  1. Water and Dust Resistance

If you’re an outgoing person and love to take your Bluetooth speakers on the go, you must consider this feature too. It is imperative to have water and dust resistance if you have to go out with your Bluetooth speakers a lot. Go through some Black Friday Bluetooth speaker deals to find the best one which is equipped with all these features according to your requirements.


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