How to Pack Electronics for Moving with Help from Junk Take Away Service

February 11, 2018

Living in this technological age, your house s will be full of electronic items. When you purchase them, you easily assemble them in your homes, but when you need to move them to a different house, then it is a very difficult task. Nothing is impossible and you can easily pack all your electronics for moving with the tips listed below. Once you put aside all the stuff that you want to move then you can call in the junk take away companies to dispose of your rest of the stuff that is obsolete or old.

Packing Equipment

Check if you have the original packing boxes or cartons of your electronics. Carefully pack those whose cartons are available. For the rest, purchase all the necessary packing equipment such as cartons, PVC tapes, bubble wraps, newspapers, markers, sealing bags and packing tapes.

Product Manuals

Check the product manuals and see the way how to pack each electronic item. If you do not have a product manual, then you do not need to worry as you can always download the product manual online.


Unplug all the cords and wires form different electronic items and give them, a day to rets to cool them and adjust their temperatures and to make sure there is no current. Also, pack the wires od each electronic appliance in a sealed bag and pack them together with the respective electrical appliance. You can also put name tags or color tags on different wires and on the same on their electronic item.

Check Condition

Check each electronic item whether it’s in working condition or not and whether you want to take it with you or sell it. For this kind of appliances, you can call in the junk take away service which will come in your homes and take your stuff and take it to the respective recycling centers or dispose of. Doing this will save you the hassle of packing or transferring to landfills.

Pictures and List

For your own convenience, you can take pictures to note how the wires are assembled so can easily assemble them back when needed. Also make an inventory list that how many items you have packed and how many are moving and take their pictures as well, to avoid theft and damage. Also, mark all the cartons with names so that you know instantly which cartons you have in hand.

For further protection write fragile on your cartons for safe handling and also wrap all the cartons in blankets or sheets or papers for added protection. For the rest of the junk or unwanted stuff, you can call in the junk take away service as they will take care of all your junk and transfer them to their respective places. Good garbage and junk removal companies not only come to your house to pick your junk but tale them to recycling companies to get them recycled, sell the items in good condition and then dispose of the stuff that is left properly. This saves you time, manual labor and costs.

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