30 Simple Acts of Kindness That Can Brighten Someone’s Day

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Life isn’t as complicated as you think. You take what you receive and give back, so the blessings come back to you. When you offer warmth, friendship and genuine kindness, it will go back to you in ways you wouldn’t expect. There are no formulas to improve your life and those of others. The key lies in balance and consistency, so others learn to pass it forward.

You can wear some lucky charms Philippines as an accessory to uplift your appearance, but nothing beats a smile. If you want to have a good mood or share it with other people, you can try these acts of kindness. You can choose from several on the list and repeat them over and over until it becomes a habit.

  1. Share the discount coupons you won’t need especially when you have a spare. Offer them to people in line behind you.
  2. Save a paper bill in a jar each week. Open it two weeks before Christmas so you can purchase a gift certificate from a grocery store and give it to a family who doesn’t have the means to buy food for the holidays.
  3. Join the caroling in your neighborhood.
  4. Offer to be the photographer during special events and significant milestones. Capture moments of a birthday party, anniversary, reunion, or your family vacations. Often, people are busy running the show or enjoying themselves to record the event.
  5. Plant some greens. Grow your garden to encourage family members to admire the beauty of plants.
  6. Check in with your parents and grandparents on a regular basis.
  7. Leave little notes with affirmations and praises. It boosts the person’s mood and brightens their day.
  8. Surprise your partner with a short and sweet note. It’s a way of endearment and showing affection.
  9. Smile and greet the faces you pass on the street.
  10. Volunteer at a local children’s hospital. Offer to spend some time with the patients by reading to them.
  11. Assist an elderly when crossing the street, climbing the stairs and a public vehicle. Don’t forget to let them out first when coming out of elevators and other transportation.
  12. Keep an extra umbrella in your car. Offer them to people soaked from the downpour.
  13. Compose handwritten notes saying thanks to important people in your life.
  14. List the best qualities of a friend or loved one on pieces of paper. Roll them and place them in a jar. Use it as their motivation for the beginning of the week or during hump day.
  15. Fill a parking meter using your extra change.
  16. Hand out balloons to kids in the park and the local playground.
  17. Treat your workmate or cubicle buddy with a cup of coffee.
  18. Purchase gloves and mittens when they’re on sale. You can fill them with treats you can hand out on Halloween. That way, they get treats and something to keep their hands warm.
  19. Visit a local animal shelter. Take your family or significant other to play and care for the rescued animals.
  20. Send a bouquet of flowers the women in your family or to your girlfriends.
  21. Spend time with seniors at a nursing home. Play board games, bingo, or dance with them.
  22. Pass on the book you finished reading. Give it to someone you think would enjoy it.
  23. Befriend a new face. Though you are not responsible to every new person in town, it helps people feel at home when there’s a friend they can turn to in an unfamiliar place.
  24. Lend a tampon or pads to a girl in need. Moreover, keep spare bottoms in case of accidents.
  25. Defend someone being harassed especially if it’s a person in a vulnerable position. Children, senior citizens, people with disabilities and illness don’t have the strength and capacity to defend themselves from abuse.
  26. Offer to listen instead of talking during a conversation. Allow the other person to share thoughts, ideas, and sentiments without stopping them.
  27. Spend less time on screen and more time paying attention to your surroundings. Don’t stick your eyes to your phone while outdoors especially during commute. Most of all, don’t walk while using your phone to avoid bumping or running to others.
  28. Follow traffic rules. Drive safely. Don’t fight with other drivers over trivial matters. Leave early so you won’t be stuck in traffic.
  29. Offer to babysit your niece, nephew or closest friends’ children. Be part of their life and get to know more about them. You get to be in the company of the little people you love while helping their parents save on babysitting fees.
  30. Drink water. It will hydrate you body to keep it moving. Don’t waste water. Not everyone has the privilege to have clean water to drink and bathe.

Doing simple acts of kindness leaves people in a better state than how you found them. You help people feel good inside which enables them to perform and select life choices improving their welfare. Lastly, it empowers you and trains you to become giving and generous to people from all walks of life.

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