What You Shouldn’t Put in Storage When Moving?

March 6, 2024
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Storing the wrong items during a move can lead to damage and loss. Find out what not to put in a storage unit when moving to avoid problems.

As I prepared for my recent interprovincial move from Ontario to Alberta, I researched what items should never go into a storage unit during a relocation. 

Although moving services Canada -wide offer storage, improper storage can lead to issues like mold, damage, and infestations. 

As someone who has moved long-distance twice in the past decade, I’ve learned important lessons about storage the hard way.

Flammables Lead to Fires

My first warning is to never store flammable materials in a storage unit during a move. I once made the mistake of storing some cleaning supplies and oil paints in storage between houses. 

A slight leak in one solvent can lead to a fire that destroys most of my belongings! Always leave flammables like paints, solvents, cleaning chemicals, propane tanks, and gas cans at home or dispose of them properly. The risk isn’t worth the small convenience.

Food Attracts Pests

Another caution is avoiding stored food. When I moved from Toronto to Vancouver, I packed some packaged dry goods and canned items into my storage unit. 

Although it was convenient not to carry these on the drive, it backfired. Over 6 months, my food attracted rodents and insects which contaminated other boxes. 

I strongly advise against putting any food items into storage to avoid attracting pests. It can easily ruin clothing, papers, and other possessions.

Mold Loves the Moisture

Additionally, never store wet, damp, or moist items in a storage unit when relocating. During a rush while packing for my recent Calgary move, I did not properly dry some camping gear before storing it. 

When I took it out of storage on arrival, mold had ruined two sleeping bags and a tent! Moisture allows mold to grow which can damage wood, fabrics, leather, and paper. Thoroughly dry all items before transport and storage to prevent expensive losses.

moving services Canada
moving services Canada

Other Items to Avoid

Along with flammables, food, and moisture, beware storing these other things in rental units:

  • Plants – They need light and water. Remove them or give them away before storing belongings.
  • Batteries – They can leak and damage nearby items. Remove batteries from devices before packing them.
  • Medications – Heat and cold can affect potency and composition. Keep medications with you during a move.
  • Valuables like jewelry – Renters insurance may not cover these. Keep them secure in your possession vs. storage.

Ask Detailed Questions

When using moving services, inquire in-depth about their storage facilities and policies especially if crossing provincial lines. 

Get guarantees in writing covering losses due to pests, mold, or fire. Ask questions like:

  • What types of pest control and prevention do you use?
  • Do you climate control the unit and at what temperature?
  • What fire prevention and suppression measures do you have in place?
  • What happens if my items get water-damaged during storage?

Thorough questioning can uncover potential issues to avoid down the road.

In Closing

Prevent storage pitfalls like I encountered when relocating by avoiding flammables, pests, moisture, and delicate items in storage units. 

Ask detailed questions and get guarantees from your chosen moving services Canada company as well. This helps secure your belongings so you can move and store them with greater peace of mind.

Let me know if any other removal guidance could help with your upcoming interprovincial relocation! I’m happy to share more tips I’ve gathered from my cross-country moving experiences.

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