Finding What You Need in D365 Business Central

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Searching in Business Central can be tricky if you don’t know the ins and outs. With so many forms, pages, and navigation options, it’s not always intuitive how to find what you’re looking for.

That’s why partners like Dynamix Acad offer detailed training on how to search in business central implementation partners like a pro

Whether you’re looking for a specific transaction, customer details, inventory information, or financial reports, this guide will help you become a search ninja.

Leveraging Search Boxes and Filters

The most straightforward way to search is by using the search boxes and filters available throughout Business Central. For example, on the Customer List page, you can:

  • Type text in the search box to instantly filter the list
  • Apply additional filters like Customer Posting Group or Country/Region
  • Select columns to customize the view

However, search boxes are not available on every page. Sometimes you’ll need to navigate directly to the relevant place to find what you’re after.

Knowing Where to Look

Memorizing every page and form in Business Central is nearly impossible. But learning some key starting points helps narrow your search.

For Transactions

If you’re looking for a specific posted or historical transaction like a sales order, purchase invoice, or cash receipt, go to the relevant Register page. For example, the Customer Ledger Entries or Item Ledger Entries.

For Masters and Setup Tables

Master tables like Customers, Items, Vendors, and G/L Accounts are accessible from the Departments menu. The Setup tables are found by searching for “Setup” using the search icon.

For Reports and Business Intelligence

Use the tabs under Departments > Business Intelligence to find the built-in reports, charts, Power BI reports, etc. The search field here is very useful for finding reports by name.

Search Menu vs Lookup Fields

Another distinction that can help is understanding the difference between the Search menu and Lookup fields.

The Search menu searches text across all pages and data. Lookups only search within a specific table or set of records.

If you know the Customer No. you want but don’t see them in the list, try searching using the Search menu instead of the lookups.

business central implementation partners

Pro Tips and Shortcuts

Here are a few pro tips for unlocking search mastery in D365 Business Central:

  • Use wildcards and filters in search boxes and menus
  • Memorize page numbers for commonly used pages
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts to navigate faster
  • Create personalized home pages and roles
  • Consult implementation partners like Dynamix Acad for expert guidance

With some practice navigating Business Central’s myriad forms, pages, and tools, you’ll be zipping around finding information in no time. 

Partners like Dynamix Acad also offer tips and tricks tailored specifically to your implementation and data set during training sessions.

Searching in Business Central has a learning curve. However mastering a few key concepts around navigation, filters, and shortcuts unlocks serious productivity gains. Implementation partners like Dynamix Acad offer extensive training to help you get the most from your ERP investment by finding information faster.

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