Seven Things Should Consider When Purchasing PACS

December 6, 2019

In this modern age, we get many advantages from modern PACS system solutions. The system solution can store, share, manage and transmit it to others within a second. Consequently, the PACS system solution becomes must need technology for many hospitals, images center or mobile imaging companies.

Also, the solution includes DICOM viewer iOS, Android, and many other things. However, when you will purchase this PACS you must consider the following criteria.


It is the first and most important matter to access the system which you will buy. Meanwhile, the world’s best system will go the underdog if anybody cannot use it. Hence, your PACS solution like online x ray viewer must be user-friendly and customizable. Therefore, it will increase your organization’s achievement.

So, while buying try to follow the accessibility. Nowadays, people get online service and like to share ‘telehealthcare’. Including the system, the PACS you can buy.


When you find various functions and diversity in the PACS system, no doubt it is best for you. Because after purchasing this system your money, plan and hard work will go as your satisfaction.

The PACS has transition ability. On the other hand, these system solutions include new sites, clients, workloads and analytical ability.


Sometimes the patient’s image discloses the dangerous condition. As well, you should ask for help from the specialist. Certainly, you need to share the images that your system produced.

So, keep in mind that your PACS has an easy sharing option with no time-bound. It must have an online and offline sharing facility.


There are many PACS solutions in the market. But you need to find the PACS which have super speed. If you take a long time to read the image and result, it will impact negatively on your organization. So, check the speed and efficiency of your PACS solutions before purchasing.


The storage capacity of a PACS is an important thing for your practice. Meanwhile, your PACS must have enough storage. Therefore, your practice will increase and it will take a huge space of the PACS’ hard drive. So, keep looking at huge storage when you purchase.

Backup Plan

Your storage or system will crash, unfortunately. On the other hand, it may happen for natural disasters or human activities. As a result, you will lose all your files and important information.

So, what should you do? Nothing. But if you have a backup in your system, you will return all your files and information. Finally, you must consider this matter.


Cost is another thing of buying a PACS system solution. If you buy a brand product with a long guarantee, you will cost heavier than a short time guarantee. On the other hand, storage back up may increase your cost occasionally.

Final Thought

In short, the medicine and medical sector are developing rapidly. On the other hand, with a PACS you can provide the best care to yours. So, you must give importance on the seven instructions when buying a PACS. Finally, it may make your life and business easy and comfortable.

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