Hormonal Hair Loss and Its Treatment

November 3, 2018
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Women are always concerned about their hair that how it looks like, feels like, should be styled and if it is in a healthy state or not. They take care of it the most as compared to any other body part and the only reason behind it is the more beautiful hair you have the more attractive and confident not only you look but also feel. For all of you ladies who are wondering about the biological reasons of hair loss, here are few but major pointers listed;

  1. Menopause

Estrogen is mainly responsible for lessening the manly effects in women and along with this hormone, there is another hormone named progesterone. These two together form female uterus for the menstrual cycle. If the level of these hormones increases or decrease than the required level then you would face hair loss.

  1. Increased Testosterone

Testosterone is a male hormone responsible for fertility, muscle mass, fat distribution, and red blood cell production. Women can sometimes also have these hormones but an intense level of these hormones can result in hair loss because they tend to turn into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

  1. Stress

Yes! You read it right. Stress is one of the reasons for hair loss among women due to their multi-tasking on daily basis. When you take the extreme stress, you end up building up acid-free radicals which proceed hair loss. Trichotillomania is a disorder which is also a result of stress and thus causes hair loss.

  1. Thyroid

When your body faces hormonal imbalance thyroid turns to it and tries to balance it out. Simultaneously it starts to ignore your scalp, i.e. less hair growth, which is its primary duty to perform. This fluctuation of thyroidal activities leads to hair loss.

  1. Pregnancy and Insulin Levels

During and after pregnancy women face extreme hormonal changes or imbalance due to which they go through hair loss. While insulin is responsible for stabilizing the blood sugar levels if insulin is resisted due to any reason it can cause female baldness.

What To Do?

If you think that any of the causes mentioned above is leading you to hair loss then you should immediately make a visit to a dermatologist. Other than this you should keep a track of your body and get your checkup done after every few months so that you would not have to face hair loss.

Instant Remedies

Getting your hormones back to their normal performance is a long-term procedure. However, if you need an instant relief from looking almost bald then you should opt for premium Russian Blonde closure so you would not have to face embarrassment in the party you will have in the coming week. Using premium hair extensions will not lead you to some other problems which you can face due to the treatments you may get and these side effects are also the reason you are suggested to opt for natural procedures to balance out your hormones. And ladies, what else would you need other than natural looking thicker hair through premium hair extensions!

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