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The United States to contest Chinese missiles over Taiwan if it wants to maintain its military presence in the region

The decision by China to fire missiles over Taiwan must argue by the United States military, according to a top US commander. Vice Admiral Karl Thomas says such action by China will be the norm and seen as “a gorilla in the room.” Tensions rise after US politician Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in August, angering Beijing, which claims the self-ruled island as part of its territory.

“The Vice Admiral’s comments are significant as they reflect the US Navy’s commitment to contest any potential aggression by China in the region,” said Dan Graziano, Senior Defense Reporter with National Journal. “The Seventh Fleet is a key part of America’s military presence in Asia and, as such, could play a role in countering any threats from Beijing.”

If China does not challenge these activities, then it is effectively allowing a blockade of Taiwan. This blockade could lead to an invasion by mainland China as Beijing has been practicing for.

Taiwan’s defense ministry said that four missiles fired by China flew high into the atmosphere and posed no threat to Taiwan. The ministry did not disclose the trajectory of the missiles, citing intelligence concerns.

US allies have stepped up naval crossings in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, another place of strategic importance to Beijing, to underscore that these are international waters. This is in addition to increased US military presence in those regions. The moves come as tensions between Washington and Beijing continue to worsen.

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Ten passengers were injured, three severely, when try to escape a train that caught up in a sweeping wildfire north-west of Valencia

A fire near Bejís is thrashed up by strong winds, and a number of firefighters has run for their lives. The passengers were on a train from Valencia to Zaragoza when the fire caused the train to come to a halt. As he was preparing to reverse the train, which had left Valencia late on Tuesday afternoon, some passengers broke windows in an attempt to escape as the flames drew close.

Some of the passengers who escape from the train got burns, and one was airlifted to a hospital for treatment. The severity of the burns varied, with a few people being 58 years old and a 15-year-old girl. The driver, in the end, moved to the back of the train and retreated to Caudiel Station, where those who had fled along tracks rejoined it.

Over 2,000 people vacate from Bejís and neighboring towns in Castellón as fire crews fight dozens of blazes across the region. The fires start on Saturday afternoon and, by Monday morning, spread to 60 km², with firefighters fearing that up to 6,000 hectares (60 km sq) of land may turned on to. Another flame started by lightning in the Vall d’Ebo area of Valencia late on Saturday has damaged 11,500 hectares.

Much of Western Europe has seen forest fires during a long hot summer. Climate change caused more frequent and intense heatwaves, which makes the world warmer by about 1.1 degrees Celsius since the industrial era began. The Bejís fire in Valencia has now spread to Alcublas, south of Valencia, and Ximo Puig said high winds had caused “tremendous disruption.” He hopes that later rain will help to stabilize the fire.

With so many important and interesting stories happening around the world every day, it is no wonder that there is always something new to learn about current affairs in the world.


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