A Complete Pool Pump Motor Troubleshooting Guide

February 3, 2018
Pool Pump motor Troubleshooting Guide

A pool pump acts like the heart of your pool. It sucks in the water and relieves it from dirt, garbage, debris and other foreign particles eventually letting it come back to the pool in its most clean form. However, sometimes, your pool pump doesn’t do its job the way it used to before!

The reason is that it might be suffering some problems which you might want to check out. We provide you with a proper pool pump troubleshooting guide which can help you in understanding your pump:

Pool Pump Troubleshooting Guide

This pool pump troubleshooting guide can help you in understanding the nature of your problem and the ways you can try to fix it. Some of the most common problems you might face are:

  1. Clogging Issues

Sometimes the pool pump might not be sucking water as properly as it should. You must have noticed the difference in the working of the pool the few days you bought it compared to now. If it is sucking the water properly neither letting it out, then there might be a clog in your pump. Clogging can cause the pump to slow its working. Usually, it’s the dust or debris which you can easily remove yourself by cleaning it thoroughly.

  1. Leakage of Pump

If you notice your pump leaking water then there is a chance that either your impellers, thread sealant etc. might be experiencing some trouble. You can easily have these parts replaced or fixed. Hence you don’t have to worry about suffering a huge issue, the parts due to heavy work sometimes start leaking in which case they must be replaced.

  1. Your Motor Refuses To Turn On Or Off

Usually, the motor turns off unexpectedly or refuses to turn on. In case if a motor is running and suddenly turns off. It is usually due to overheating of the system. Letting it cool off for a few minutes will do the trick. On the contrary, if it refuses to turn on there might be some electrical problem which can be fixed only by an electrician.

  1. Air

Sometimes the motor sucks air instead of water and it shouldn’t be doing that. However, sometimes it is difficult to see which parts are sucking air. For this, try covering the motor with some shaving cream, the point where shaving cream is disturbed indicates the presence of holes which you can fix accordingly. And if not then you might have to replace it.

  1. Noise

Sometimes the motor makes unbearable noise. If it is a screaming noise, then you must have some problems with the bearing of the motor and if it’s a slight vibration type of noise then it means the pump is in need of water or something.

Final Verdict

Hence with this pool pump troubleshooting guide, you shall have no problem in understanding the basics for your motor. You can always fix some of these problems yourself but in case if you aren’t you might have to hire people or laborers for it.

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