Car Body Parts You can Replace to Save Yourself a Trip to The Mechanic

March 16, 2019

In this era of where we like our independence more than ever, most of us are tied to the local mechanic for our car. From small to the very big, we frequently make trips to the garages. Here is a list of aftermarket auto body parts that you can do it yourself. The purpose is to save time and money. With the advent of the online auto parts stores doing this has become so much easier. This obviously doesn’t mean you can forget your mechanic, for more serious problems you should definitely visit a specialist.

Hopefully, with these DIY replacements, you can feel a little bit more involved with your car and gain in-depth knowledge about what you drive.

List of Aftermarket Auto Body Parts You can Replace Yourself:

Car Batteries: Car batteries are pretty easy to check if they need to be replaced or not. After you start the engine use a voltmeter to check the voltage. If you see anything under 9.7 volts, you need to replace the batteries. Before checking the batteries you should take precautions, wear appropriate heavy duty gloves and goggles to avoid acid damage.

Seat Belts and Seat-belt Retractors: You already know that seatbelts are pretty important. Not only are you required by law to keep a well-functioning seat belt but it is vital for your safety while on the road. You can order your seat belt and seatbelt retractor from any online auto parts store and have it delivered to your home. Then replacing them is easy all you need are screwdrivers.

Window Belt Strips: You should always do a visual check for the window belt strips. Check for cracks, missing parts of any other sort of damages. Then replace it with a new one. You can find these on most online auto parts store.

Tire Valve Stems: To replace the tire valve stem, you need to remove the tire and wheel, after that you need to deflate the tire. Now you can remove the worn out or damaged valve stem and replace it.

Serpentine Belts: The routing layout for the serpentine belts should be under the hood or the engine compartment. You should look in there locate it and loosen the tensioner. After that, you can remove and replace the old serpentine belt. Make sure you do the exact same installation as the old one. One important thing to remember is that the tension for the belts should be perfect. Check the tension and adjust if necessary.

Tire Replacement: Well tire changing is the most common of all the skills listed here. Most of us already know it. Changing tires is a necessary skill we should all know, which is why I included it in this list. Just use new tires, a new jack, and other tools from the toolbox to replace the damaged tire. Now, balancing the new tires requires an expert hand so make sure you have it checked the next time you go to your mechanic.

Thermostats: Thermostats are key to proper engine functioning. These control the radiator heat and you should always check if it is ok or not. When they need replacing just simply drain the coolant and release the pressure. After that, you can just change the thermostat easily.

Radiator Hoses: These hoses are vital for controlling the engine temperature of your car. If they are damaged then temperature control will fail and your car’s engine might burnout. You should always check if the upper and lower hoses are damaged or not. These are usually held in place by screws or clamps so use the proper tools and remove and replace the damaged hose or hoses.

Getting the Desired Auto Parts

Many auto parts on white background (done in 3d)

Your car knowledge and skill are directly related to how your car experience goes. Possessing these skills in no way makes you an expert so for many complicated problems you should always consult with your mechanic. Having said that, you can easily do the above-listed repairs and replacements. Getting your aftermarket auto body parts are now easier than ever with many online shops providing great discounts. Shops like PartzRoot and others are a great place to start looking for whatever parts you desire. So now that you know all these you can go ahead and take more control of what to do with your car.

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