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Top Things About Hair Extensions You Should Know

Have you ever longed for a mane full of thick and long hair looking at the shampoo commercials and advertisements? Have you ever envied the lush, thick and gorgeous hair of different actresses in pictures and movies and wished for hair like these? Have you ever wondered are the hair actually real or fake?

Hair extensions are extremely in vogue these days. Initially, it was only available for the actresses in movies and commercials, but now every one of you can benefit from it and flaunt your thick and gorgeous hair.

Hair Extensions: Real or Synthetic?

You have the option of going for real hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. Real are made from natural and real hair so they look more natural, just like part of your hair, while the synthetic ones look like plastic and lack shine and luster. It is advisable to go for the real hair you can easily style them and it will look natural as compared to the fake synthetic hair.

Cost of Hair Extensions

Real hair extensions are more on the expensive side while the synthetic hair extensions are cheaper. But the real hair extensions last much longer than the synthetic hair extensions. The cost will also depend on the length and condition of your hair and how many extensions you will need or want. If you just need a blend of hair with your own color, then you will require fewer extensions. The price generally varies from $200 to $300 and upwards to a few thousand. Obviously, if you opt for a completely different color and kind of hair extensions such as the Russian Blonde hair bundles, then it will be more expensive. The hair extensions also require a maintenance every week or 15 days so that they remain intact and in a good condition and the cost of that will also vary.

Are They Long Lasting?

The hair extensions do not last very long, however, with proper care and maintenance, they can last for maximum 8 to 10 weeks. it is advisable to get your extensions replaced after 8 weeks as they can damage your own hair. The extensions are connected with your own hair which naturally falls down.

How To Care for Hair Extensions?

You will need to take extra precautions in taking care of hair extensions. Treat them gently and dry them lightly and very gently after a shower. You can use heat styling products, such as hair dryer, straightener and curler on real hair extensions only and not in synthetic ones as the heat will damage it. Sleep on a satin pillowcase and brush with a detangling brush. Tie your hair in a loose braid or a bun when you go to sleep to avoid getting it tangled. You can get your hair cut and colored just like you do with your natural hair but only on real hair extensions. If you have gotten a unique hair extension such as Russian Blonde hair bundles, you will need to take extra care of them so that the color does not fade away.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are 3 main kinds of hair extensions. The clip on hair extensions which you can do yours at home. The weaved or sewed hair extensions are weaved in the roots of your hair in a tight braid and look natural. The fusion hair extensions are bonded to your hair with a keratin tip and these last the longest. If you are beginner or ant a completely new look such as long straight hair when you have bob cut hair or a completely different color such as the Russian blonde hair bundles, then you should go for clip on hair extensions, to avoid damage to your hair.


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