Avoid These 5 Foods When On Candida Diet

Avoid These 5 Foods When On Candida Diet

The Candida diet requires you to make some serious lifestyle changes and this means you there are many foods to avoid candida diet. It might be easy to think to quit the foods but in the long run, it becomes very difficult to stick by the strict diet plan. The sad part about Candida diet is that it is very limited and restricts your daily nutrition intake a lot. Not only will you be frustrated of the same foods but you will also be bored by eating the same limited number of things. Nonetheless, there is no other way to handle the candida infection other than to follow a strict Candida diet plan. In this article, we talk about the top foods to avoid on a candida diet.

1. Sugars

This might be the hardest part of it all because you get sugars from so many sources. By sugar, we mean that you will have to avoid all sorts of refined, processed as well as natural sugars. So not only will you have to bid goodbye to your favorite sugary drinks and treats – you also will not be able to indulge in fruits because most of them are jam-packed with natural sugars. Only selective fruits with low sugar content are allowed but that too in very controlled amounts.

2. Red Meat

Who loves red meat? Well, everyone who is a non-vegetarian life for the juicy steaks and thick patties burgers to enjoy for lunch and dinner. The sad news is that if you are following the candida diet, you cannot indulge in red meat at all. There are no cheat days for this diet so red meat needs to go out of your diet once and for all. This is because red meat is very hard to digest by the body and contain a lot of fat too. However, leaner proteins can still be consumed.

3. Dry Fruits and Beans

Next on the list are dry fruits and beans. Unfortunately, both contain large amounts of fat oils and carbohydrates. Excessive fats and carbs are a big no if you are on a candida diet. So this means that white beans, red beans, nuts and all other dried fruit are not allowed.

4. Processed Oils

Since you are not supposed to consume carbs and fats, you will need to find a substitute for the oil that you cook your food in. People who are on a candida diet are advised to grill, steam or bake their food. The use of processed cooking oil should be kept minimal. Processed oils can be replaced with fish, avocado and coconut oil. You will also have to bid farewell to all sauces and condiments. The only sauce allowed on candida diet is mustard sauce and apple cider vinegar.

5. Beverages

If you are used to drinking a can of coke or fresh juice with every meal – replace it with water. Caffeine is also not allowed much in the diet so you will have to stop on tea and coffee too. Water is your new best buddy on this diet.

It is obvious that all these foods are something that are very much difficult to avoid for most of us. However, the good news is, an Anti-Candida Diet Plan is recommended by Dr. McCombs which may give you some relief. Check his recommended Anti-Candida diet plan so that it can help you to make a suitable diet plan for your choice.

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