5 Signs You Have Digital Distraction Disorder

June 6, 2019

It’s scary but do you want to know if you have digital distraction disorder? Read this.

1. Increased Stress Levels

When you feel you are taking more stress than usual just because you received an instant message after sunset from your boss for an urgent meeting tomorrow is a clear sign of digital distraction. You are thankful that you chose good NBN phone plans to receive this, but stressful to Studies shows that stress levels have potentially increased among people at work who are constantly receiving emails and messages related to work. It was not there around a decade back when work was finished at off timings and you are not bothered after that with any call or message from your colleagues.

2. High Anxiety When Your Smartphone is Not Around

When you feel smartphone separation anxiety and you look around for your phone crazily then you badly need to observe yourself for digital distraction. Normally people these days spend more than 90% of their time on phones and if somehow forgets where their phone is makes them restless unless they find it. It is not normal because you need to have a phone-free time at least once every day so you can think properly and focus on things which are disrupted due to this disorder.

3. You Are Having Bad Memory Problems

Check out if you are blaming your bad memory issue a lot these days, maybe it is not your memory problem instead it is something else which is not allowing you focus on anything to store in your memory at the first place. You need to observe either you are paying attention to small details or not because this is what allows your brain to store memory. If you are not doing that then you are just blaming your memory to overcome your disorder and nothing else.

Also, if you are trying to focus on more than one thing at a time like cooking dinner while texting your friend then chances are you might forget one of these two things after a while. For instance, maybe you either forget what you have planned with your friend over a text or you have put salt in your curry or no. Use NBN phone plans responsibly.

4. Ignoring Family Time Consciously

When you are busy at your phone, you are completely conscious yet unable to prioritize your family and nearby people intentionally. This is a very prominent sign of digital distraction that using phone becomes your first priority without realizing that your child needs your attention or waiting for milk bottle from you may be. This is what tears many families apart while people still do not realize what harm they are doing to themselves.

5. Too Responsive Towards Gadgets

When you feel your response rate towards electronic devices is much faster than towards your family and loved ones around then it is a high to check out yourself for digital distractions. Alright, you have NBN phone plans. But don’t rush to your phone when you hear a message beep while your spouse is telling you a random thing happened earlier. Listen and talk to people present around you than talking to others on phone calls and messages. Be responsive towards your loved ones present physically with you rather than the ones you are planning to meet next year.

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