4 Random Tools That Will Drastically Improve Your Business

September 22, 2018
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How easy it is to run a business? We all know it’s hard. So, let us make your exhausting job of a business owner a bit easier unless you outsource SEO services. Below are four very unique tools. What are these tools for? Let’s see.

  1. The first tool is for improving SEO ranking of your website
  2. The second tool is for making graphic design process less stressful
  3. The third tool will let you make better marketing strategies
  4. And Fourth tool will give you the insight to know which one of your employees is being lazy at work.
  1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is the best among all the SEO tools today. If you want the ranking of your website higher than the other and if you want to increase your website’s traffic and increase sales, then SE Ranking is your answer.

This tool makes your life very easy as it manages everything by itself by providing you with the end result. It generates reports automatically and analyzes your data from time to time. It does not only provide information about the value of your website and what position it lies on, but it also works on different strategies to market your website as well.

It has plenty of unique features that other SEO tools lack. One of them includes keyword suggestion. There haven’t been any glitches of any sort, however, you need to try it for yourself in order to get the most of your website. If you need help, there’s always the option of contacting SEO services in Brisbane.

  1. Piktochart

Are you looking for a new graphic designer for your website after finally accepting the fact that you cannot do it yourself as you are so busy handling and expanding your business and also don’t want to outsource to graphic design or SEO agencies? Well, there is a way – Piktochart. This tool is a life saver for people like you.

It provides inspiration by providing you great graphics designing ideas. Besides, graphics designing, it provides unique features like making maps, charts, tables, and interesting logos for your website. They may help pretty well when you are also handling your social media accounts. Many designs on Piktochart are, however, there are premium designs too which unlock when you pay.

  1. Mention

Mention is also one of the best tools for business owners. It basically connects with the whole internet including social media and let you know whenever and wherever your business is mentioned. According to many SEO services in Brisbane, this works as it can help you shape a better marketing strategy, work on your weaknesses and expand your business.

  1. Work Examiner

A business is only as good as its employees. If the employees the slacking, your business would be in serious trouble no matter how much sleepless nights you spend to make your business better and more profitable.

That’s where Work Examiner comes in. It’s an internet monitoring tool that let you keep an eye on your employees’ computer and know what they are doing. With it, you’ll know pretty soon which employee is working and which is just passing time scrolling Facebook newsfeed.

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